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Blackfire Crystal Seal 8oz

Blackfire Crystal Seal is a paint sealant coating that offers incredible protection and longevity for all paint finishes, plastics, glass, and metals. Just a few drops of this clear liquid produces a tough barrier over the surfaces of your car that resists contamination, moisture and UV rays. The protective properties within Blackfire Crystal Seal are like other sealants, but better. As soon as Crystal Seal touches the paint, it begins cross-linking to armour your vehicle. This micro-thin coating locks out the elements to keep the surfaces of your car looking like new. Blackfire Crystal Seal is a paint sealant in its truest form. No cleaners, no fillers, no wax. It is purely engineered to provide unbeatable surface protection.

If you wish, you can apply a wax over Crystal Seal, but it is not necessary. Blackfire Crystal Seal provides outstanding protection and durability on its own. It is important to prep your vehicle before applying Blackfire Crystal Seal to enjoy its maximum benefits. Use a swirl remover prior to application if necessary, to remove any imperfections from the paint. Clean all hard plastics and wheels to remove anything that could inhibit the bonding of Crystal Seal. Once your vehicle is ready, apply Crystal Seal to keep every surface looking smooth and shiny. Blackfire Crystal Seal is an excellent value for detailers. One bottle of Crystal Seal should treat up to 80 vehicles! A little goes a very long way.

Directions for Use:

  • Clean your vehicle, and use a swirl remover if required.
  • Use very little Blackfire Crystal Seal with a soft applicator to spread Crystal Seal over your vehicle.
  • Mist the applicator once to prime it. Then mist each panel once and spread Crystal Seal evenly in straight line motions.
  • Do not buff or wipe off Crystal Seal.
  • Use this same method to apply Crystal Seal to paint, glass, metals, and hard plastics. 


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Bottle Size 8oz / 235ml

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