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Menzerna Power Finish PF2400 250ml

Menzerna Power Finish PF2400 is designed to be a quick way to polish out light flaws and amplify the paint’s gloss. It will effortlessly remove moderate to mild swirls, water spots, and light scratches. Menzerna Power Finish PF2400 does something amazing – it burnishes the paint to an ultra high gloss, like you’d expect from a nano polish. Menzerna PF2400 saves time and money by doing the work of two products. Menzerna Power Finish PF2400 is formulated for conventional clear coats. It removes the light to mid-range imperfections that plague most vehicles, and then leaves a smooth gloss. It can be used with either a rotary or dual action (DA) polishing machine. Menzerna Power Finish PF2400 contains Menzerna’s uniform, finely milled abrasives. The polish is packed with a high concentration of abrasives to level imperfections effectively without marring. Therefore, you can achieve a high gloss shine in fewer steps… and with fewer polishes!

  • Gloss 6/10
  • Abrasiveness 6/10 


Availability: In Stock

Bottle Size 250ml

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