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Poorboy's World

Poorboy's World Natty's Liquid Wax Red 16oz

Poorboy’s have had numerous requests to make a liquid version of the ultra high-gloss Natty's Red Paste Wax, and now they've done it! Liquid Natty's Red is an amazing formula that may be used on all paint colours and brings a level of gloss, slickness, and shine of a paste wax. Think of Liquid Natty's Red as a paste wax in liquid form.

This easy to use liquid car wax can be used by hand or machine in sun or shade. It is a wipe on, let haze, buff off product and is great as a topper or a standalone last step product.

For machine application: use a soft foam buffing pad and spread on low speeds.

For hand application: use a soft applicator and apply in a back and forth motion, being sure to apply a very thin even coat.

Liquid Natty's Red has a very thin viscosity. This is normal and allows you to use less product and apply it very thin. Shake well before using.


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Bottle Size 16oz / 473ml

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