• Subaru Impreza 22B

    The 2nd car I ever detailed professionally! (I had a good reputation even then)   
  • Fiat Punto Pre-Sale Detail

    A nice simple six hour Pre-Sale Detail on this Fiat Punto. Hovered, Wet Vacuumed, Polished and a Glaze applied. 
  • Bell Jet Ranger 2 Helicopter Protection Detail

    It's a few year's ago now but I once did a Winter Protection Detail on a Bell Jet Ranger 2 Helicopter. it was clayed Polished and waxed including t...
  • 2006 Black Range Rover

    This was quite a challenging Range Rover, Which turned out pretty smart after it was in for our offer of Snow Foam, Two Bucket Wash, Chemical De-co...
  • Porsche 911 Carrera 2 964

    Recently we had in this 1991 Porsche Carrera 2 964 for our Winter Protection Detail. A truely stunning car. 
  • Optimal Wheel Cleaner Hyperlapse

  • Porsche Snow Foam Hyperlapse

  • VW Polo Washed with a Scourer

    My customers car had been cleaned by the grandchildren using a scourer, The mission was to make it look better in one day. This wasn't a full corre...
  • Toyota Yaris GR

    One of the highlights this Summer was when had in this Toyota Yaris GR. Full Chemical De-con, Clayed, Polished and It's had the wheels off and coat...
  • Brands currently in stock.

    Authorised Retailer of 303 Aerospace, 3M Alchemy, Autoglym, Dr Beasley's, Dr Leather, Finish Kare, Flex, Gyeon, Hot Wheels, Lake Country, Lexol, Ma...