Meguiar's Lambswool Wash Mitt

Meguiar's Lambswool Wash Mitt

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Natural wool makes this wash mitt gentle and effective! The Wool Wash Mitt is a super soft wash mitt that is handmade from the finest sheepskin pelts. The deep, plush pile will pamper your car's finish with loads of soapy water. The mitt design gives a better fit and control, making washing faster and easier. Wash mitts made of genuine wool will last for a year or more with proper care.

Key Benefits:

  • Handmade of genuine wool
  • Gentle on vehicle surfaces and will not cause scratches or swirls
  • Deep, plush pile holds loads of suds


  • Mix your favorite car wash soap according to product directions.
  • Rinse loose dirt from vehicle with hose fitted with high pressure nozzle.
  • Thoroughly wet Wool Wash Mitt with Thumb.
  • Begin washing from top of vehicle, working a panel at a time and rinsing as you go.
  • Thoroughly clean Wool Wash Mitt after use.

Note: After use, thoroughly rinse your mitt with clean, cool water and allow to air dry. With care, your natural sheepskin mitt will last a full year or longer. If you machine wash, use gentle wash cycle and dry on low heat until almost dry.

Recommended Surfaces: Clear coated surfaces, Painted surfaces & non-painted surfaces, Fiberglass & gelcoat surfaces, Gold, brass, silver & aluminum surfaces, Plastic & glass surfaces