Menzerna 2400 32oz 1Litre

Menzerna 2400 32oz 1Litre

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Where the consumer grade Intensive Polish is good, this micro-polish makes it even better. It was initially developed for removing more severe paint defects from the cerami-coat polishes such as those found in the Maybach and Rolls Royce Phantom. It is now being widely adopted for use on regular clearcoat finishes and is particularly effective on the harder clear coat finishes such as those found in VAG and BMW paints.


In developing Menzerna Power Finish PF2400 (PO203S) they have created the highest grade and uniformly sized particles in the world, these then go into this polish and help you remove swirls, scratches and light oxidation. Theres no silicone, fillers or wax, this polish actually gets rid of the imperfections rather than just filling and hiding them. 


Menzerna Power Finish is a revolutionary polish, in that it has very good levels of cut, yet high levels of gloss. Menzerna rate this polish as having the same cut levels as Intensive polish, but with a higher gloss rating. In truth we've found it's got fractionally less cut, but definitely stunning gloss levels for a polish with this cut even on hard paints.


Features and Benefits:

      Professional grade polish that will deliver stunning results.

      No fillers, silicones, waxes or glazes.

      Easy to apply and remove with less dust

      Cut: 3.5 (Max: 5.0)

      Gloss: 3.5 (Max:5.0)