Poorboy's SuperHydrophobic  Ceramic Coating 30ml

Poorboy's SuperHydrophobic Ceramic Coating 30ml

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Poorboy's SuperHydrophobic Ceramic Coating 30ml
An easy to apply and effective nano ceramic coating.
Use of smooth surfaces, including clear coat, glass, plastic and chrome.
This state of the art formula uses silicon dioxide nanoparticles suspended in a rugged and flexible thermoplastic resin, that bonds to the surface to forms a resilient ceramic coating.
The ceramic coating imparts a strongly water repellent layer with a high contact angle bead. Surfaces coated with this product are glossy and scratch, wear and chemical resistant for up to 3 years!
DURABILITY: When applied to a clean, smooth surface that is free of contaminates AND the surface is maintained well with gentle washing, user can expect UP TO 36 months of protection from the elements.
1 Layer - 0.5 - .75 μm
2 layers - 1 - 1.5 μm
CURE TIME: Dries in 20 minutes. Full cure in 48 to 72 hours.
Poorboy's World SuperHydrophobic Ceramic Coating Kit Includes:
1 - 30ml bottle SuperHydrophobic Ceramic Coating
1 - Microfibre Applicator
2 - Suede Microfibre Towels
1 - Microfibre Towel